This is a blog of the International Club. The club is an initiative by the Parents of St. Georges School, Cologne to benefit the students and their community. The blog is a digital platform to meet some or all of the clubs purpose. It is for the parents, teachers and upper school students to share information that is useful for the students and the school community in general. We encourage positive interaction, friendly co-operation and support of the entire community.

internationaltree2We extend a warm welcome to you and hope that you will take pleasure in sharing your ideas and tips while benefiting from the information other members share. No stress if you are not a native speaker, you can contribute in your own language.

The broad objectives of the blog are:

1. to bring the large school community together

2. to create a network for cultural and information exchange

2. to provide a platform for parents to lead, share and support ideas through activities that enrich overall school education

Many of us parents/families of the school, tend to interact and exist in small islands built around our children’s class groups or their best friends or simply by connecting with people of our language and nationality. But the school community is much larger and much wider. In fact, we are like a mini UN, with over 45 different countries represented in the quiet suburbs of this wonderful Cathedral city, we are indeed privileged to be a part of such diversity – an opportunity that many parents around the world hope to give their children, as a part of their education.


Become a part of the international club Fill and print the form and drop it in the international club mail box located in the school entrance office


If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us on info@st-georges-international-club.de and we will do our best to help you!